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Website Construction

The CMS Solution

We build web sites that implement our own Content Management System (CMS).
The CMS permits you, the web site owner, to update your web site at any time. Pages may be added without limitation and easily tied into the navigation system. This allows your web site to grow with your business with no extra cost. If your business goes in a different direction, you take your web site in that same direction. There are no delays waiting for someone else to change the web site. You just do it, whenever you wish.

Search Engines & Functionality

Chamonix Networks customer's benefit from our experience of the internet since 1996. We have learned that function is more valuable than form, and that when a web site is being built, it is essential to employ techniques that work well with, and attract, search engines.

Today, most web sites are about business and this we understand. To us, a good looking web site is clean and clear with easy navigation. We do not rate excessive design, it retards the main objective, business.

We can tailor your web site to most requirements, adding reservation systems, e-Commerce and management databases.

How it works

A CMS web site consists of a number of templates. For a small site, usually 2-4. The exact quantity is easily determined at a brief meeting. If you really know what you want, we can discuss your web site and determine the number of templates by e-mail and telephone or Skype.

At a later date, it is easy for us to create new templates should you require them.

We take content from you and build the site using the templates. You can change the content immediately and grow the site as much as you require.


A CMS web site with 2-4 templates will usually cost between €600-1000HT.

An additional template will cost between, €50-150HT