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Domains, Registar and management of your domains names

Domain Portfolios

A portfolio may consist of one or many domains.

Our management services include:
- Domain Parking: we hold a domain but it is not active
- DNS and Nameserver management: techie stuff, ask for more info
- Registry records: important as this displays owner & administrators

All these services are included in the annual domain fee.


1. Top Level Domains (TLDs) non country specific & .uk

We can purchase, on your behalf, from any domain registry in the world. Top level domains such as   .com   .net   .org   .info  .eu  .tv  are not country specific. There are no restrictions, anyone can register a TLD.
We also register .uk domains (*).

Price in euros (€) for TLD's is €32HT per year

(*): All .uk domains have no restrictions. They can only be registered or re-registered for 2 years

2. Domains .fr

All domains supplied by the French registry have restrictions. Typically, proof of a legal French entity is required.

The fee for a .fr domain is €40/HT per year


3. Domain Cloaking:

Cloaking hides the domain record so that it cannot be seen by the public. This helps avoid unsolicited e-mail as your e-mail address does not appear in the public domain record. Also, if you prefer your ownership of a particular domain not be broadcast, cloaking is the way to go.
The Cloaking fee per domain is €16HT/year